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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Security Supervisor jobs in Dubai | August 2019

Security Supervisor jobs in Dubai UAE job involves managing various aspects of a security department for a company, agency or business.

Some of the duties involved with this job include monitoring security equipment, supervising other security staff, like the security guards, assembling, documenting abnormal occurrences on a job site, and training of security teams.
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  Security Supervisor salary in Dubai UAE

 Salary for an Admin is between 3k to 8k 

Salary mentioned are in AED ( 1USD = 3.67 AED). UAE has all the payouts tax free, that means that the amount written of the offer letter is the actual amount, you will receive in your bank account at the end of every month.


Bachelors or a Masters Degree with a Sira License.

  Security Supervisor Jobs in Dubai August 2019


Company Name: SecuriGuard Middle East
Posting date: 22th August 2019

  • Must speak both English and Arabic or master either of them with a good knowledge of the other.
  • Must hold s high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Security experience in the field of police and security or armed forces must be no less than 5 years with at least 2 years thereof inside the state.
  • Age must no less than 26 and no more than 45 years.
  • Height must not be less than 160cms.
  • Body must be well-proportioned and fit.
  • Must pass the exams set by the competent authority.